desklogic versatile technical furniture
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Modular Technical Furniture

Choice of Height Format

Advanced Cable Management

19" Rack Options

Easily Reconfigured

Choice of Finishes

Non-Standard Size Options


The desklogic system has been designed as a modular range of technical furniture which will suit most situations.

Free-Standing or Wall Fixed

The desklogic carcase modules can be fixed back to a wall or free-standing.

Choice of Finishes

The desklogic modules are available in a choice of patterns and colours with complimentary or contrasting edging.

Cable Management

The desklogic advanced cable management systems keep all cables neatly concealed, but still easily accessible.

Multi-Drilled Carcases

The desklogic carcases are multi-drilled to allow a wide range of fittings.

19" Format

The desklogic carcases can be fitted with rack rails to mount standard 19" rack equipment.

Choice of Height Format

The desklogic carcases are available in different heights to suit a variety of requirements.


The desklogic carcases incorporate either natural or fan assisted ventilation.

Pop-Up 13amp Sockets

The desklogic modules can be fitted with pop-up 13 amp power sockets.

Leveling Feet

The desklogic base carcases have leveling feet to compensate for unevenness of floors.


If required, the desklogic carcases can be supplied in custom widths and finishes.

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